Randoms, Ramblings and Rants .. Vol.VIII

*Cracks knuckles*

I know it’s been a long time.

We shouldn’t left you, … without a dope beat to step to, step to.

Ok, only about 20% of y’all got that reference.

Anyway this is version #8 so lets take a look and see what’s in this twisted mind of mine.

First things first, screw y’all’s orange looking, white-supremacist-loving, narcissistic, misogynist, sham of a President that y’all voted for.

Ok now that I got that out the way.

Here is a dialogue I had with a kid yesterday:

Me: Are you this disrespectful to your parents too? .. Him: Yes

Me: That’s unfortunate .. Him: You can call my parents they ain’t gonna do nothing.

It was at the moment I went into a daydream that involved me having this kid in the headlock like we were two WWE wrestlers. I slammed him on the mat as the crowd of educators screamed and yelled for me. I jumped on the ropes taking in all the accolades from my colleagues. I raised both my fist when the dream was interrupted by  …

“Mr. Powell … Mr. Powell … Mr. Powell”

I snapped out of it and the kid was looking dead at me.  … “May I go get a drink of water?”

Yea go head son …

I was depressed the rest of the day.

You not gonna tell me any animal on this planet is more scary than a Kangaroo.

Bruh, them big ole feet, with them little bitty arms!! You ever seen a Kangaroo get aggressive? … You ever seen one of them jokers fight?… Nah baby Jesus, keep them jokers away from me!

Listen lock me in a room with Lions, Tigers, snakes and Trump supporters before I get anywhere near a Kangaroo. They got them claws too!! … Nah fam!

They just be hopping around in them oversize legs, like “who gonna check me boo?” … Not me, Mr. Kangaroo … not me!!

My Grandfather once prayed a prayer on Thanksgiving that was so long we now refer back to that Thanksgiving as “The Prayer” Thanksgiving. I didn’t have a stopwatch but I’m pretty sure the prayer lasted 3 hours 23 minutes and 12 seconds. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

The icing on the cake was Granddad finished the prayer with ..” and Father God, let us eat for strength and not gluttony.”

We sinned that day, every last one of us.

I haven’t seen Creed yet but I’m still lokey mad at Rocky and for not throwing the towel when Apollo was getting his butt whupped by Drago.

Best Rocky movies are as follows: Rocky VI, Rocky III, Rocky II and Rocky I … (Rocky V, and Balboa never happened) .. This series literally got better with each film.

Game of Thrones is almost back.

Only real ones got excited about that last line.

There are two type of people in the world, those who watch Game of Thrones and those who chose the Blue pill on the Matrix.

My co-workers swore I should watch this show called “Somewhere Between.”

Aye, that show was so terrible I’m literally thinking of when would be the best time for me to fight both of them at work for suggesting such a wack show.

If the NBA season ended right now we would have a Warriors / Lakers first round matchup.

Are there still people alive in the year of our Lord 2018 who sill think Lebron James isn’t good at Basketball?

I ordered from Uber Eats today and dude brought me 1/3rd of my order. I wanted to immediately go slash 2/3rd of his tires so he couldn’t go mess up anymore deliveries.

Dude literally walked into my job with a sandwich and a smile… Bruh, did you get hungry and eat my chips and wash that down with my drink?

I hope he comes across a very angry Kangaroo today.

Anyone think about taking a nap when they get off work or is that just me? .. If I was a superhero, my super power would be napping.

Crime would happen in the city. … They would flash a big “N” in the sky, kinda like batman. I would see the N, change into my pajamas and take a nap.

Hopefully when I woke up the crime would be over or the situation would have just worked itself out.

Co-worker told me she doesn’t feel pretty and I didn’t have the heart to do anything but just nod my head like ” whaaaaa.. that craaaaaaaaazzzyyyy”.

I’m not good in those moments.

Ruben Foster smacked his girl, was arrested and was dropped and picked up by another NFL team within 48 hours.

Meanwhile Colin Kaepernick was exiled for saying America had a racism problem.

I’ve always said the racism was built into the fabric of America like the red, white and blue.

Now I’m hard pressed to think that there is anything that trumps America’s hatred for Women.


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