Year 5

Dearest Samantha

Five years in the books and I’m rather surprised I haven’t missed a year of my yearly letter to you. Ok I’m lying, for some reason I can’t seem to find year 3 but I know it’s here somewhere. So this year I might share my letter on my blog but this will be the only one. I’ll keep all the others between you and me.

Where do I begin?

You will be starting Kindergarten this year and I know that you will be a star. You showed so much growth during your Pre-K year and your mother and I couldn’t be prouder. You aren’t just regular smart, you’re super duper smart!!

img_7889You love to laugh and your laughter is my hearts song. Everyone loves being around you because you are so full of happiness. I’m thankful for that. You have a caring heart which is something I never want you to let go of.

I love the way you love your brother and how the two of you interact. There will come a day when you two will work each other’s nerves but until that time comes always look out for him and show him love because he’s the only brother you have. Trust and believe that he’s always looking out for you.

Love who you are because you are amazingly awesome. Never be ashamed of your brown skin, it is beautiful, it is royal and society sometimes won’t get it.

Always remember you are magic my Sam bam.

So what great advice do I have for you for year 5? …I don’t know. There are no shortcuts in this thing called life. Since you are turning 5 I’ll give you 5 things.

◦ In everything you do acknowledge God he is so much better navigating this life thing than me.

◦ Let Love radiate throughout your life to everyone, even people you don’t know. .. especially people you don’t know.

◦ Never worry about what others have unless you intend to give them something you have.

◦ Always remember your manners. You’d be surprised how many people don’t.

◦ Daddy, Mommy and EJ love you so much but it doesn’t hold a candle to how much God loves you.

You are going to rock Kindergarten and year five is gonna be pretty awesome if you ask me. Daddy loves you so insanely much and I will always be here to kiss the boo boo’s, give the piggy back rides and be your personal sofa.

I love you! Happy Birthday baby girl.


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