Edub’s NBA Vault – Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Hornets, 1994

A couple of weeks ago I made a post on Facebook about how a lot of the basketball we remember to be so sacred was viewed through our adolescent eyes. So I figured I would start a series in which I would go back and breakdown some games from the 80’s and 90’s with my adult eyes. Because 39 year old me is so much better at breaking down basketball than 14 year old me. So follow me on this journey and let’s take a trip back in time.

First thing I notice from this game is that I forgot how fun it was watch Penny Hardaway when he was young and healthy.

Also, Muggsy Bogues was fast as hell!

Either that or he was just low to the ground it made him look fast.

Robert Parish was the backup center to Alonzo Mourning this year. Pretty sure you just learned something now.

2nd year Shaq was still so raw, but still so good.

My gawd I wanted those Larry Johnson shoes so bad!

Don’t know who told Shaq those side burns were the move, but they weren’t. What’s even worse is that around this time I tried to grow those same sideburns.

Understated random fact: Dell Curry was a shooter’s shooter bruh.

It’s the 2nd quarter and I’m not sure how many points Dell Curry has but every time he shots I know it’s going in.

Watching young Penny.. I feel like I just got robbed. Dude had so much potential.

I was a huge Alonzo Mourning fan but even young Orlando Shaq was so much better than him.

Trivia: Who was older in this game old Tree Rollins or old Robert Parrish?

The answer is yes. You are correct.

Hate to do this to the kid but Larry Johnson is the perfect example why you stay away from Micheal Porter Jr. Once you have back issues they typically don’t just go away.

Hope that I’m wrong though.

Back to game .. 22 seconds left in Overtime, Penny and Shaq run a high pick n roll. Hornets defend it perfectly, the ball ends up in Nick Anderson’s hands who sinks a floater with 1 second left.

Shaq finished with 46 points 20 rebounds.


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