90’s Basketball and Misery Two Peas In A Pod.

Generation X’ers are the most miserable basketball fans on the planet.


I have no :$;)@ing idea.

Every time something great happens in the NBA immediately a wave of pessimism comes along to dismiss any semblance of joy, happiness and credibility. Every record that is broken is met with “these records ain’t sh}% because back in the 90’s they played ball like men.” No player or team is good enough to ever receive any due credit.

It makes you wonder, well why didn’t we just cancel the NBA after 1999 then? 🤷🏿‍♂️

There is a longing for hard fouls, hand checking and post up basketball that I just don’t understand. Literally every accomplishment that happens in today’s game has to be shot down by someone who has taken the oath to defend the honor of all things 90’s.

I don’t know if it’s because most of the people in my generation (70’s and 80’s babies) have this thing where they can’t let go of the good old days.

Nothing will ever top 90’s hip-hop.

Nothing will ever top 90’s r&b.

Nothing will ever top 90’s basketball.

Like I get it, I really do. While I won’t really argue the validity of the aforementioned statements the majority of the people around my age are dug into these beliefs at a level I don’t understand. Pick a random game from the 90’s and watch as a grown person and you will see, that era is a bit over sold. When Jordan won his 6th title I was 19. I saw the game totally different back then as opposed to how I see it now.

Most disciples of “all things 90’s” feel a duty to protect these legacy’s at all cost. Chief among these is MJ’s 6 rings. You can find them on social media vehemently talking about how today’s rap is crap, today’s fashion sucks and how today’s NBA is crap.

This disconnect between eras is no more evident than the yearly Lebron vs MJ debate. You know that time of year during the playoffs when we can’t compare LeBron to anyone in this era so we match him up against MJ.

This annoying debate fueled by ESPN and Fox Sports is dangled out there every year and folks continue to take the bait.

Every … Single … Year

Same bait .. same big haul.

To hear some folks fix their mouth to say a 6’8, 260 pound Lebron couldn’t have played in the 90’s is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Occasionally the protect-the-90’s-at-all-costs debate spills over to the “NBA-Must-Be-Rigged-Debate.” A debate I have since retired from arguing along with black on black crime, the legitimacy of Donald Trump, OJ Simpson’s guilt, and McDonald’s having the best fries.

Some things just aren’t worth my time and energy. However I will spend 6 lines on the NBA being rigged debate one last time for those sitting in the cheap seats.

  • Everything has a Genesis, in your research how long has the NBA been fixing games?
  • Who is the mastermind behind the fix? One guy or a committee?
  • Without using google, tell me the 4 main sources of income for a NBA team. How do they rank?
  • NBA wants game 7’s for ratings right? In your research what has the ratings data looked like in the last 20 years to support the “fixed” argument?
  • What happens if a player or referee decide they don’t want to be apart of the fix?
  • If the games and the Finals are fixed how do you explain the San Antonio Spurs? A small market team that is always been a Finals ratings disaster? They are about exciting as watching paint dry.

Ok now I’m mad at myself for spending that much time on such a silly issue. The million dollar question is simply “why can’t we (mainly generation X’ers) be happy?”

Say it with me … “It’s ok.”

It’s ok to say the Warriors are good without bringing up a random team in the 90’s.

It’s ok to acknowledge that even though the game has changed these players today are still really really good.

It’s even ok to say Lebron is a all-time great without screaming “Jordan was 6-0 in the finals” from the mountain top.

Listen take a deep breath and reeeeeeelaxxxxxxxxxxxx. The world actually didn’t stop at 1999. It’s ok to accept change because in 20 years our kids are going to think Micheal Jordan was just a dude that made dope shoes.

It’s going to be ok champ. So to take a phrase from the Beatles..

“Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra ..La-la how the life goes on.


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