Randoms, Ramblings and Rants.. (Mother’s Day Edition) VOL.VI

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the baby’s momma’s momma’s, momma’s, momma’s, baby’s momma’s, mommas.

85% of y’all are already scratching your head.

The other 15% who got the OutKast reference … salute.

Try to follow along.

To Penny’s Mom, I’ll never forgive you for burning Penny with that iron. You know you were wrong for that, I hope you asked God for forgiveness.

To Florida Evans .. I’ve always wanted to just run and give you a hug when things were going bad because that’s the kinda mom you always seemed to be. The mom who gives hugs when things where bad.

To Sister Schubert .. Them rolls is Banging!!! Happy Mother’s Day

To dark skinned Aunt Viv, that time you taught Will and Carlton about the importance of Black History Month, I felt that. I’ll never forget that time you showed up those two white girls in dance class. I was so proud.

To Aunt Jemima you really got the best syrup out here in these streets. Love you

To Brianna Barksdale (DeAngelo’s momma). You knew D wasn’t cut out for this game and you still pushed him into this game. The game is the game but let this be a lesson, never trust a nigga named Stringer.

To Daenerys Targaryen; yes you are the mother of dragons in a fictional world that I lokey feel like I reside in for 1 hour on Sunday nights. You are a Mom nevertheless so you deserve a shoutout too. Happy Mother’s Day.

To Louise Jefferson (Weezy). You don’t get half the credit you deserve for being a beautiful black woman in a time when there was only like two of y’all. Salute

To Mabel King .. You not only took care of Roger and Dee but you also showed so much love for Rerun and Dwayne.

To Binta, listen .. you gave birth to Kunta Kinta. I feel like without you the rest of my TV moms wouldn’t be here. Happy Mother’s Day boo.

Yes I’ve watched a lot of television as a child. You ain’t gonna fight me though.

Why don’t y’all shout out single dads on Mother’s Day like y’all do single mothers on Father’s Day?

If you do .. stop it. Mommies are mommies and Daddies are Daddies. .. Period!

Top cuss word of all time begins with “Mother” .. crazy ain’t it?

Growing up the best jokes of all time were “Yo Momma” jokes. Also single handedly started the most fights from 1981 to 1999.

Tupac’s “Dear Momma” was one of the most honest songs he ever wrote.

Last but not least, to Claire Huxtable. Growing up I knew each and every Thursday night you would be there. You were fine, intelligent, loving, funny and didn’t take no mess. I’ll never forget that time you got on Vanessa for going to Jersey to hang out with the ratchets to have “big fun”. There are just too many memories to name. Love you ma

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies.


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