Edub’s NBA Vault: Lakers vs Clippers, 1979

A couple of weeks ago I made a post on Facebook about how a lot of the basketball we remember to be so sacred was viewed through our adolescent eyes. So I figured I would start a series in which I would go back and breakdown some games from the 80’s and 90’s with my adult eyes. Because 39 year old me is so much better at breaking down basketball than 14 year old me. So follow me on this journey and let’s take a trip back in time.

(Magic Johnson’s first game)

The first thing you notice is the obvious difference in body types from guys of this era. It legit looks like everyone regardless of height weighs 215 pounds.

This was Magic’s first NBA game and this year was important because it was the first year the NBA instituted the 3 point line.

Magic is the backcourt with Norm Nixon and from the outset it looks like he’s not even point guard. The commentator mentioned that Nixon will now share responsibilities with the young Johnson kid.

Random: World B. Free epitomizes 70’s basketball. Dude was out there balling.

I know things would get better but I can tell Nixon is having a difficult time meshing with Magic.

Short shorts were not move.

Again: World B Free looks like he is a church league all-star but the brotha gets buckets.

I was born in 1979 so I don’t know a lot of these guys in Lakers jerseys. Furthermore I didn’t know the Clippers where in San Diego.

Hey there goes Joe “Jellybean” Bryant (Kobe’s Daddy), he wore #23 for the

Lakers really drafted Magic to get Norm Nixon up outta here.

Kareem was a master of positioning. He was so good with his feet he could get to his spots with ease it appeared.

His birth name is Lloyd but when you get the nickname “World” that’s the name you gotta go with.

Going into the 3rd qtr nobody has attempted a 3 pointer. I don’t think the guys were scared it just didn’t appear to be a part of their game.

Again: Kareem was a really good passer.

Bill Walton was on this Clipper team but much like his NBA career he sat out because of injury.

As a child who grew up with with all the dunks and 3 point shots the entertainment value in this game is average. Now don’t get me wrong I still find it entertaining but it’s just different from what I’m used to.

World B. Free averaged 30 points a game. Also of note this was the only year he would be a NBA all-star in his 12 year career.

World B. Free was 26 years old out here looking like he was 46.

Random: Kareem’s sky hook was a thing of unstoppable beauty.

Dopest moment of the game is when they went inside the Lakers huddle and I realized that Norm Nixon had been playing the whole game with a gold chain. … Legend

Actually now that I see it, there are about 4 dudes out here with gold chains on.

Magic missed 2 free throws in the final 2 minutes.. had a costly turnover moments later. Missed 2 more shots in the final minute as well.

Definitely not a magical moment.

Frustrating thing about watching a game in 1979, they didn’t have game time at the bottom of the screen.

All Clippers had to do was dribble the ball out and they would have won the game but Freeman Williams dribbled the ball off his foot.

Then we all know what happened after that … 2 seconds left and Sky Hook!!! Lakers win. Also of note that rookie for the Lakers ended up having a pretty good career.


One thought on “Edub’s NBA Vault: Lakers vs Clippers, 1979

  1. Yes, in watching old clips, young dudes looked “grown” for real. I have to agree about the 3pt thing. It’s not that they were scared or incapable, it’s just that it was not a part of the game back then. And honestly it wouldn’t be a vital part of the game for almost another 30 years. Back then your size pretty much determined your position and not your skill. Magic was the first to start to change that some, but it was a slow evolution.


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