NBA Playoff Diary Vol.III

I know it really just makes some of y’all sick to hear about Lebron.

With that being said…

45 points 9 rebounds 7 assist and ANOTHER game 7 win to the resume in a series where he didn’t get to rest and did everything but sell popcorn and take tickets at the door.

Again.. y’all gonna miss Bron when he’s gone.

I told y’all last week, Anthony Davis was ready .. I still believe that but the Warriors can flip a switch defensively that most teams can’t.

Never put too much into a game 1 but this Rockets/Jazz series could be a snooze fest.

Russell Westbrook has his flaws but you rarely hear anyone around him (S.Brooks, J.Harden, Ibaka, B.Donovan, Playoff P, Jab Step Melo) get any blame when OKC loses.

Russ took too many shots? .. Who else did you want shooting the ball on that squad?

There is something insanely funny about Melo opting in and OKC having to pay him $29 million. Melo won.

Get you some friends that will hype you up the like Warriors bench hypes up Klay Thompson.

Drunk Draymond is still a national treasure … “yuuuuuuuuup.”

Some of y’all won’t get that, just keep reading.

Not trying to be funny but have all the Raptors playoff games been on NBA TV? ..

Ok maybe I was trying to be funny.

Real talk I fully expect the Raptors to get Bron & nem outta here then the Jordan disciples gonna pop their champagne bottles that say 6-0 like the 72 Dolphins.

Knicks should really hire Fizdale or Mark Jackson but I’m almost certain they will get this wrong.

Who for the Celtics is gonna stop Embiid? .. no seriously, who?

This is the time of year Jordan disciples get real sensitive about their lords legacy. Give em hug today y’all.

D. Mitchell is your rookie of the year.

It wouldn’t surprised me if Derozan averaged over 30 points this series. Cavs are weak defending the 2 and have no rim protector.

To be honest, Cavs are weak defending everywhere.

Terry Rozier made a boat load of money this past series, he has one year left on his contract then he is going to cash out.

Good news Jazz fans, Warriors are saying it’s “very likely” that Curry will return for Game 2.

Paul George said “it was too soon” to discuss free agency, translation: “I’m going going back back to Cali, Cali.”

Victor Oladipo has nothing to be ashamed of …

And now a word from Kawhi Leonard about his moves for the summer …


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