NBA Playoff Diary Vol.II

This isn’t playoff related but Coach Budenholzer is as good as gone out of Atlanta. Life will go on though.

In other news, Anthony Davis is ready!

The Toronto – Washington series is why you can’t overreact after one game.

Wizards still gonna lose though.

When the Cavs play their next game at home word on the street is Bron is gonna have to sell popcorn in the stands too. … Why not? .. He’s doing everything else for the organization.

Shout out to Kyle Korver .. He will forever be one my guys.

Jamal Crawford too.


If the Sixers win the chip they need to give the Hawks honorable mention for giving them Ilyasova and Belinelli. That team is stacked with shooters.

Again, if Ben Simmons gets a jump shot, it is a wrap!!!!

Rockets bout to put the Wolves to bed … the Wolves will be a better team as a result of that butt whipping though.

It was really nice of Giannis’s teammates to show up these last two games.

The Blazers didn’t even stick around long enough for me to mention them in Volume two of my diary. .. Wait .. I guess they did if I just mentioned them.

Again, Anthony Davis is ready y’all.

It was fun watching Manu be Manu again the other night. Reminded me of this one time D.Wade balled out against the Sixers.

Time for the Heat and Spurs to get up outta here though.

Read this slowly: … Y’all gonna miss LeBron when he’s gone.

I’ve have always defended Russell Westbrook but it is a valid argument to examine his ball dominate effectiveness especially late in games.

Most people can’t except a players greatness even if he has flaws in his game. Both things can be true. A player can be great, yet still have holes in his game. However many folks always say “Player A isn’t good because XYZ, therefore he is trash”.

Jazz about to get the Thunder up out of here and PG is gonna bounce for L.A. Then Russ is gonna be left with the jab step king Carmelo Anthony.

And Steven Adams, can’t leave him out.

Donovan Mitchell … O.k bruh, I’m on board.

Anthony Davis vs KD and the Warriors next round …ohhhhhweeeeeeeeee.

Jrue Holliday is not to be slept on but Klay is about to put those light-skinned-Jon-B paws on him.

Quick … Tell me the #2 guy for the Pacers?

Not too many people in the league finish at the basket better than Derozan. In fact he might be the best.

Lebron isn’t going to make the finals and the old people on Facebook can’t wait to post their 6-0 Jordan memes… It’s cute.

Again, y’all are going to miss LeBron when he’s gone.





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