Randoms, Ramblings and Rants.. VOL.V

So I was supposed to post a Random’s last week but i ended up writing about Beyonce.

My bad

It’s dope though, and you should check it out .. #Beychella, #Beychella, #Beychella 

Every Sunday when my week starts over a new, I think in my mind what dumba$#  thing is Donald Trump going to do this week.

I’m sure there is a Tristan Thompson joke out there that I need to write but it just hasn’t hit me yet.

I started listening to that new J.Cole album and  .. well lets just say i’ll have to try again some other time.

Two most slept on albums of 2017 was Ace Hood & Big Boi … find the lie.

The Queen straight had that baby, threw on some heels and came out to take pics then went home to the castle. She is the real MVP.

Y’all want some Starbucks?

Mitt Romney was at the Jazz game last night.  This is a good time to remind you of the site White People Mourning Romney.

I know some of y’all didn’t click the link, I’m still gonna post this picture though.

The movie “Life” is a top 5 black movie of all time and we not gonna sit up here and debate it either.

Gotta give a round of applause to O.J for staying out of the news. He probably somewhere snorting the finest of crack cocaine and surrounded by a bevy of white women. Salute.

Rest in Peace Barbara Bush and Hal Greer.

Guarantee you can search Al Gore’s internet and never find those two names in the same sentence.

Did y’all know Blackplanet was still up and running?

Kevin Durant is about to remind you how good he is.

Between me and you admit it … Defending Donald Trump is exhausting.

They really treating that Waffle House murder with all the love and tenderness his white skin can afford huh?

Y’all gonna be mad but I didn’t love Cardi’s album. .. I thought it was just o.k.

Whenever I drop a deuce at work I’m always thinking that someone saw me go in the bathroom and is running a stop watch.

Not gonna make me speed up though.

Pretty sure after the weekend Melania gonna send Barack a “WYD” tweet.

Old folk on Facebook have no idea what I just typed.

I’m gonna have to see Avengers when it first comes out because I know y’all gonna fill the internet with all types of spoilers.

Whenever y’all Georgia educators start that strike for higher pay, make sure to cc: me on that email.


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