#Beychella #Beychella #Beychella

I’m not going to lie … It felt good to be black this weekend, thank you Beyonce.

For that performance we have to devote the first 5 lines to Queen Bey.

The first black woman to headline a Coachella event. History was made but it was so much deeper than just that.

LISTEN!! Beyonce’ went to the biggest music festival in the nation, on the biggest stage and represented all things black culture.

Like my homegirl Reeta said … “They didn’t get it.. but we got it .. Thanks B.”

She really had a HBCU band … College kids stepping … Shout outs to The Wiz … Played Swag Surf (even though our fair skinned brothers and sisters didn’t know what to do with that) …It’s ok ….  Played a line from Malcolm X’s “the Black woman is the most disrespected person in America …Listen, She sang the MF’ing Black National Anthem!!!

#Beychella #Beychella #Beychella

photo credit: Kendra Oyesanya (twitter @mizzko_)

Everything about her performance said “Come here black folks let me give you a hug. I know you have a jack ass as your President. I know you can’t even go into Starbucks without being arrested. I know y’all miss Barack and Michelle but for the next two hours I’m going to love on you and your culture. I’m going to celebrate us in front of all these people and do it without any apologies.” Black folks haven’t been so proud since last month when they going to the movies and snapping pictures doing the Wakanda salute.

Her performance was like this: When you were a kid and you and a few of your buddies had a secret handshake and whenever you saw them you did the secret shake in front of everyone and it made you feel kinda unique and special. Beyonce gave us that secret handshake at Coachella. She took the intricate negro dap to a new level.

#Beychella #Beychella #Beychella

Again, she sang the Black National Anthem at Coachella.  … I can’t type that and not laugh hysterically at the same time. Bosses make Boss moves and Beyonce was like this is my moment and I’m gonna celebrate with my folks. When she brought her sister Solange out there and they were just two black girls dancing and experiencing black girl joy it warmed all of our hearts. You watched the screen with that smile on your face wanting to be apart of it but the closest you could get was just watching with that goofy smile on your face. Its ok, we all did it.

Of course Jay Z came through and even the reunion of Destiny’s Child was kind of dope because at that point it was just like, well this is her world, her time and she was calling the shots. It was like that episode of the Cosby show when Theo was graduating and Dr. Huxtable invited EVERYBODY, even though he didn’t have enough tickets. She had the tickets though, and she had the time. If you watched the performance in its entirety you were exhausted when it was over.

#Beychella #Beychella #Beychella

Here is the thing I’m not a member of the Beyhive and I’m not the biggest fan of Beyoncé’s music. Truth be told I find a lot of her songs to just be average but as an entertainer…. She might be the best to ever do it. No disrespect to MJ, Prince and Janet. Like my guy Big Fost tweeted out … Our edges got snatched!!

This was supposed to be another Randoms, Ramblings and Rants post. She was just that good that I, (someone who is just a nominal Beyoncé fan at best) only intended to give her performance 5 lines in this post.

620 words later …

#Beychella #Beychella #Beychella


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