Randoms, Ramblings, and Rants Vol.IV

It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped some randoms so hopefully I’ll get to finish this piece. Moment of honesty: I have like 4 posts in my drafts for this blog that I haven’t finished. The biggest thing I struggle with as a writer is how close can I get to being fully uncensored and honest in my writing without worrying about what others think. The goal is to always be authentic while at the same time touching on the uncomfortableness of raw feelings. Unfortunately I get stuck on that road of worrying about others opinions and thats why some of my posts remain drafts. …

I’m gonna work on that but until then let’s get random.

Wakanda Forever is really gonna replace the black power fist. I think I’m cool with that.

So do y’all remember that Randoms Vol.III … when I talked about the cookies? …. Yea I’ve baked hella cookies since then I’m a beast now and like dude said in the movie .. “I’m the captain now.”

I don’t mean to brag but … yea actually I do mean to brag, my cookies will make you smack your auntie with the high blood pressure and “the sugars”.

Black Panther made over 1 Billion in the box office and yet toys and other merchandise are still hard to find. …. Hmmmm.

Lupita Nyong’o … Yes Jesus!

A lot of folks marched for gun reform this weekend. This is good but here is the reality.

You not about to be out here telling white men what they can and can’t do.

Let’s go back in history and examine the times white men were told they couldn’t have something or they were told something had to change.

You can’t have this Land – See Native Americans

You can’t own Slaves – See Civil War

Gotta include Women in voting – Google Women’s suffrage movement

The Blacks need equal rights – See the 60’s & 70’s … also 80’s … and Present day.

Well ….

I probably just pissed a lot of people off.

See next line

I don’t care.

Wakanda Forever!!!

I want a cookie but it’s late.

“This is Us” is the best show on TV not named Game of Thrones

I watched all 5 seasons of the Wire again for like the 3rd or 4th time.

Sometimes I randomly wonder what famous people are doing like at this very point in time.

I wonder what President Obama and Michelle are doing right now.

Wow.. just that quick I’m sad again because I miss having a President.

Real talk, my big toenail needs to be cut.

It really takes my wife 376 minutes to prepare for bed.

Actual number may be closer to 400 minutes on the really real.

I mean so if I eat the cookie, like there are worst things happening in the world right?

Annalise Keaton and Olivia Pope on the same screen was as good as advertised.

Good job on the Oscar Kobe .. You still a punk though.

Tomorrow the high will be 48 degrees …Spring get yourself together.

Somebody gotta kill that groundhog though, I blame him.

Wakanda Forever !!!

So about that cookie, I mean it’s just one cookie right?

One more week until Spring Break, not gonna speak to any kid including my own during my SB, I need a cleanse.

Spring Break ain’t even here and it’s already going by too quick.

Good job on the Oscar Kobe … you still a punk though.

“Racism is built into the DNA of America, and as long as we turn a blind eye to the pain of those suffering under its oppression we will never escape those origins.”

Whoever wrote that line for Viola Davis needs a damn Oscar!

Knick fans gonna be so lost when Bron retires and they can’t hate on him or MJ anymore.

Wakanda Forever !!!


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