The Trump Dump

So I was going to start a series of posts called “The Trump Dump” and I was going to use it to purge all the animosity and bad vibes that I get from your President. It would be similar to my Randoms, Ramblings and Rants series. That way I won’t be one of those annoying people on Facebook who post 50 articles on why Trump is a dufus, i’ll just have it in one nice little box and you can come check it out if you want and if not that’s cool too.

Well since I started this post with no direction I might as well start the thing up right now and let this post 1.

  • So Trump not knowing the words to the national anthem didn’t really piss me off but I did find the entertainment value in that pretty high.
  • Trump fired off a tweet about African-American unemployment being the lowest ever in recorded history. Then hash tagged it with #neverforget.
  • Like never forget what? You want the black community to hold a rally and praise you because you have been our champion? Please go somewhere and play in traffic.
  • The funny thing about the whole “why-don’t-black-vote-republican” it is never followed up by a discussion with ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE. It’s always white people talking to other white people like “yea, I mean its not like the Democrats ever did anything for them.”
  • Some white folks just read that last line and was like “hell yeah”.
Donald Trump is the embodiment of who America is at its core.

I wasn’t even halfway through this post when Trumps “shit hole countries” comment came out.

I mean there aren’t many times that I’m speechless.
So while all your “colored” friends and friends from the Islands are a blaze on Facebook and Twitter with their disdain for Trump. I tend to sit back and watch and just mentally take things in because I’m over the back in forth of social media arguments.

Honestly the comments didn’t move the needle that much for me but seeing people rationalize what he said (like it wasn’t coming from a hateful place) really bothered me more.

Its one things to know someone is crazy .. its concerning however when said crazy person has such a loyal and supreme following.

I’m not the guy that will post 10 anti-Trump articles a week, and as a matter of fact I find those folks rather annoying but I will tell you why folks do that. It is a simple as this …

Folks post all the stupid stuff Trump does because they really just want answers of why you Trump supporters ride for this man.

He has offended every single group of people EXCEPT Caucasians and when you find two people discussing Trump the one who justifies his actions are white people 95% of the time. Call it race baiting if you want but these are the facts.

NOBODY IS ROCKING WITH THIS PRESIDENT BUT WHITE PEOPLE. (Not all but those that rock with him typically have their whiteness in common.)

And those that do want to make it seem that if you don’t it’s because you are brainwashed by the media.

No its because  …

Trump doesn’t respect women … Trump doesn’t respect blacks … Trump doesn’t respect Hispanics … He doesn’t respect people from other countries … Trump doesn’t give a damn about poor people … He has no stance on Education .. He has no self-control … He thinks that loving America means treating the other nations that they are second class. .. He lies, like he lies an awful lot. He lies about stuff that isn’t even important. … I could go on and on but the foundation of all of these things is this ….

He holds the most powerful position in the world and he simply does not treat people with respect.

But despite all this when you go on your Twitter and Facebook feed and during your water cooler discussions you wont hear a peep from Trump supporters. I just find it so amazing because for the past 8 years these folks had so much to say about President Obama and he never brought this lack of integrity to the office. They gave him hell over a birth certificate, gas prices (which he had no control over) and the fact that he wanted healthcare for all Americans.

Can you imagine the backlash if President Obama had said a tenth of what trump has done. Its almost like Trump has some type of privilege … let me stop, that is a whole separate blog post.

This man is a problem and he is the reflection of the power of white supremacy in America.

White supremacy gave him his power … they are the one’s riding with him and the rest of us are left only to our social media posts of outrage and wondering how and when this will end.

Keep lowering the bar of integrity Mr President just don’t expect us to follow you to the other side.


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