Randoms, Ramblings and Rants Vol. II

So here we are again. If you missed part one make sure to check it out here —> (Randoms, Rants, Ramblings Vol.I )

Let’s go.

> No matter how good my day is I’m always reminded Donald Trump is President and it always kicks me back into this perpetual state of sadness and disbelief.

> My kids hang on my body so much I feel like I played Running Back in the NFL for 10 seasons.

> I think I’ll fast from Soda this week.

> I should be getting ready for tomorrow but writing is life.

> If God didn’t want us to eat animals why did he make them taste like meat?

> Everybody but Vegans laughed at that last line. They probably made a angry face and took a sip of their all-natural carrot juice. (Made from organic carrots of course).

> Diddy said he wanted to buy the Panthers. If he did everyone would get 1 check then would end up broke and starving just like his artists.

> Can we discuss that Black Thought freestyle?

> How long y’all gonna keep Biggie at the top of y’alls best rapper mountain off just those 3 albums?

> That meme of Tyrese will always be funny to me.

> 3 Stacks, Jay, Thought, Snoop and Yeezy.

> Omarosa …. (no punchline needed) 😂😂😂

> Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé

> The video of Trump in a black church will be funny until Jesus comes. Then I imagine we’ll get to heaven and laugh some more.

> Jesus gonna be like “aye y’all look at him swaying back and forth” 😂😂😂

> New York is no longer the best in Basketball and Rap and they better watch out before they lose the Pizza game too.

> If I call you and tell you your child cussed out a teacher, and your response is anything less than I’m on my way. You need your a#$ beat along with your child.

> I’m taking the secret Santa game to new heights this year. I lokey want everyone to hope I draw their name next year.

> Shaving with Bevel isn’t just a shave… it’s a experience. (Hey Bevel hit me up for ad rates.)

> I had a dream that the Bucs had a good season. … Then I woke up.

> Alabama really surprised me.

> Aye, message for the 65% of white women that voted for Roy Moore and the 53% that voted for Donald Trump. Turn in all your urban music, and anything you may have in your possession from the black diaspora. We gotta talk.

>Update: It’s the next day and I forgot about my soda fast and had soda yesterday.

> Oops


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