Randoms, Ramblings and Rants Vol.1

From time to time I have a lot on mind that I just want to get out and I don’t really feel like putting it all into a coherent facebook or twitter post. The title, Randoms, Ramblings and Rants is exactly what it is. So here we go.

> My kids had their Christmas programs last weekend and they are awesome. You needed to know that.

> People up north love to clown people in the south when it southern snow happens. … Then they end up moving down south.

> Why does Lebron James still bother you? .. Get help.

> Alabama will elect Roy Moore because Americans are dummies.

> Jameis Winston is not a good Quarterback. ..Yet … He will be run out of Tampa before he develops and will flourish somewhere else.

> College Football is still very dope.

> Alabama didn’t deserve to get in but deserve doesn’t really mean anything in the NCAA.

> People that post so much Anti-Trump stuff are the equivalent to that one kid in the class that is always telling the teacher that Johnny is talking … Newsflash ..WE KNOW!!!! Johnny talks a lot and is a dummy we get it.

> If I were Jesus my parables would all be about Education and Sports … I’m glad I’m not Jesus.

> Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce – Am I only the one who feels better after saying her name 3 times?

Kaep and B .. Yes Lawd!

> Outside of Lebron, James Harden and The Greek Freak might be my favorite two players to watch in the NBA.

> Last week a kid told me his real name was Vladimir … He’s black …no punchline that’s all.

> I’m not afraid of aging, but I am one day closer to my prostate exam.

> Facebook are the friends you have and Twitter are the friends you like.

> The lady in Chicago who was at those police press conferences doing fake sign language might be one of the funniest things in 2017.

> I’m no longer a die hard fan of any team. I just don’t have the money, time or emotional investment anymore. I’m ok with this and I hope you are too.

> Nobody more quiet on social media than folks who voted for Trump. They are like the kid who broke the pencil sharpener but won’t admit it. NOW THE WHOLE CLASS GOTTA SUFFER!!!

> I wonder what the bad kids from my school are like at home. Like are they annoying and disrespectful to their parents or do they save it all for school hours.

> New rule … if you haven’t lived in, worked in or worshipped in a black community. Please keep your mouth shut about the black community. KThanksbye

> Snoop Dogg’s first album always takes me back to 94 that’s why it stays in the rotation.

> Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyonce

> Colin Kaepernick … Thank you

> I bought myself a Christmas present and I’m lokey excited about opening it on Christmas Day.

> We bought my daughter a doll house and the box is so big I think we might have to build it outside and then move into it.

> I’m watching a replay between the Utah Jazz and Milwaukee Bucks.. you don’t like basketball more than me.

> My life is far from perfect but my wife is pretty close to the bullseye.

> I bought goldfish expecting them to live about 6 months. It’s now been over a year and I’m almost certain they will outlive all of us.

> I’m really a expert when it comes to napping.

> Rant over ✌🏾


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