Facebook And A Movement … #Positive2017

Several times a year I unplug from social media to refocus and re-calibrate my mind because .. well you know how it is dealing with this addiction. Yes I said it.. addiction. In one way or another we are all addicted to the genius that is these smart phones and if it isn’t Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat it is something else. The candy crush phase hit hard and who remembers farmville? I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m kind of a veteran in this game.

social media
“Hi .. My name is Edwin and I’m dealing with Social Media issues.”

I currently have a personal Facebook page, Facebook page for my Sports Blog (sidenote: check out Hawksbeat.com). I also have two Instagram accounts that I run for myself and my blog. I have 4 twitter accounts that I manage between my personal, my work, my blog and this blog believe it or not has an account as well (The 285 Twitter). And when I’m sick in tired of managing all that, I relax and have a little fun on Snapchat. It’s a lot but I can manage … I think.

Anyway back to my 30 day cleanse. Out of all the social media platforms I find Facebook to be the most stressful. You’ve seen my social media resume so I know of what I speak. Facebook is the most stressful because out of all of the platforms you tend to be connected with more people that you actually know on Facebook. Your family, your classmates from elementary school, your college buddies and if you are really brave, the folks you work with.

Facebook is funny because they are like the ones who don’t think they have a problem with social media. You will typically hear this from Facebookers:

* I’m on Facebook but I’m not on it much.
* I’m on Facebook but I don’t be posting nothing.
* I just go on to see my kids.

Stop lying.

You on the book! You’re on at 2 in the morning sometimes reading your friends posts and their comments on Donald Trump. When you can’t sleep you hop on to kill some time and before you know it’s been almost 2 hours. You’ve got into some Facebook battles  with some folks that you thought were your friends.


You couldn’t believe that after growing up with Lil Jimmy how in the world he could be a Trump supporter and still call himself a Christian. But you gave him a piece of your mind didn’t you? … And 84 comments later on your post you are still waiting for the red notification light to pop so you can give him some more.

You don’t have to tell me, I know I’m right.

The separation of this country is most evident in two places; our churches and on Facebook. However FB is the one place where the two words collide. Unlike church were folks can politely not deal with each other in the name of Jesus FB will let you know how Johnny the black janitor at your job really feels about things going on in the black community. You grew up with Richard and for the life of you you can’t figure out why it is that Fox News has such a hold on him. Your friend Jim from grade school simply doesn’t understand while Blacks are always angry and complaining about stuff.

In America our language is received as white, minority, Democrat or Republican. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing the problem is that there is no bridge whereby conversations can be had without emotion, anger and understanding.

The reality is that when it comes to Facebook many of us go together like oil and water. And instead of unfriending or unfollowing someone for your own mental peace you let certain folks stick around only to engage them in FB civil war that takes too much of your time and brain power.

How do you get someone who never has to deal with minorities to care about problems within a minority community?

How do you get Blacks to be more accepting to Whites without placing the sins of America’s racist history on them?

How do you get Whites to understand the pain and anger most blacks carry from their past?

How long we gonna let MSNBC and Fox News divide us?

The reality is this: …. I don’t have the answers. I really am in this maze called life trying to figure this thing out one day at a time.

During my 30 day FB cleanse I really took notice of how much positive and negative energies I allowed myself to intake. I thought to myself, if everyone just put a little more positivity in the worlds energy bank the world would be a much better place.

So what am I going to do?

I plan to be more intentional with being positive toward others in my home, my workplace and even on social media. I want to encourage my wife and my kids more. Things like giving a co-worker a compliment, paying for a meal in the drive through or just simply smiling.

I may just be a drop in a bucket but if I inspire one person then that’s two drops in the bucket and eventually if enough folks catch on we might be able to make a splash.

Join me on this journey by using the hashtag #Postive2017 on twitter and Facebook and lets inspire each other.



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