The 285 Ep.2 – Trump, Mayweather & Durant’s Ring.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen the 285 is back for season 2 as we take a trip around the world of politics, entertainment and sports. In this episode we are joined again Derek Thompson who reps all things Chicago. Also rounding out the trio is one of our favorite New Yorkers Ed Felder.

Sidenote: Check out Ed’s website here.

We want you to check out the podcast so here is a little bit of what we covered.

Segment 1

Y’alls President (affectionately known on this show as 45) .. Is there fire behind this Presidency or is this just the liberal media blowing smoke? …. How will this thing end?

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Segment 2

Simple question, does Conner Megregor have a shot in a hell of winning this fight?

Segment 3

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Now that Durant has a ring does his ring shine as bright as other or is it tainted? Where does Lebron go from here and does his legacy take a hit?

trump crying
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