The 285 Ep.4 – Alton Sterling, America and Kevin Durant

This has been a rough 72 hours but the 285 decided to talk about some of the issues facing our country as well the news of Kevin Durant to the Warriors. Since we have recorded more tragedy has happened but our conversation is still relevant.

The week we are joined by guest co-hosts Derek Thompson and Edward Felder.

The first segment we tackle the story involving  Alton Sterling. As fathers of black boys we shared our concerns and the difficult task of preparing them for a world that doesn’t love them.

We transition into sports and gave our opinions on Kevin Durant. Is this type of move good for the NBA? Are you ok with players who average 10 points a game getting 17 and 18 million dollars? We tackled free agency and took a look at the moves by the Bulls and Knicks.

As is our custom we gave out our weekly “Crying Jordan Face” awards. Make sure you tune in a find out who we plastered the crying Jordan face on for the week. We concluded the show with final thoughts as well as our numbers of significance for the week.

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Check out episode 4 right here.

Make sure to listen to our crying Jordan segment on our podcast

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