The 285 Manifesto

Unfiltered and Unapologetic …

That is the premise behind the 285. There are so many things that people have opinions on but for one reason or another we speak in filters. We don’t want to offend or we may be skeptical about what someone reads on facebook or twitter.

What if we threw that thinking out of the window and created a space to have honest conversations without filters? The goal of the 285 podcast/blog is to have honest conversations about sports, entertainment, pop culture and whatever may come up.

You got something to say… Say it.

So with that being said I believe that you can’t begin a new project without having a manifesto. Every Genesis needs a “In the beginning” moment.

Or better yet, we need to take heed to the words of the great Omar from The Wire ..

                                                       A man got to have a code. ~ Omar

Here are some things I believe.


I believe I love God but sometimes I cuss.

I believe I’m more Malcolm than Martin.

I believe Muhammad Ali is the greatest, but if he was boxing in 2016 he would be hated like Floyd.

I believe in Southern Hip Hop (the South won).

I believe Lebron James is the most disrespected athlete of all-time.

I believe Steph Curry will be annoying in about two, one more year.

I believe Beyonce is a top 5 entertainer of all-time, but her music is average.

I believe I might get depressed when President Obama leaves office…

I believe that last statement was only half true.. I WILL be depressed when he leaves.

I believe the Jordan cry face is the best thing to ever hit the internet.

I believe O.J did it.

I believe white people get either nervous or upset in race discussions.

I believe the next 3 lines should be about race.

I believe somebody needs to tell our Caucasian brethern to stop saying “I don’t see color.”

I believe black people complain too much.

I believe there is no reason for whites to ever care about race.

I believe John Legends hairline is disrespectful.

I believe we are all wrong on President Obama, he wasn’t as bad or great  as we think.

I believe Gladiator is the best movie ever.

I believe The Color Purple is the best movie ever.

I believe Ben Carson would be miserable if he had to live in a black community.

I believe some white person just got mad at that Ben Carson line.

I believe in not giving a f^*% .. (God ain’t through with me yet).

I believe Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time.

I believe it’s a man’s world but women are the most powerful beings on earth.

I believe in watching reruns of Fraiser at 2am.

I believe in Cory Booker.

I believe Jameis Winston is super intelligent but he’s country as hell.

I believe I’m ok with that.

I believe the FBI took out Martin and Malcolm because black lives don’t matter in America.

I believe in banana pudding.

I believe Dan and Bomani are the next Tony and Mike.

I believe Vegans can be somewhat annoying and that I’ll probably die with a piece of cheese in my hand.

I believe that when Ta-Nehisi Coates writes, God himself can’t wait to read it.

I believe the Kardashians won in the game of life.

I believe Kobe Bryant is gonna be the worst stay at home dad of all-time.

I believe in a Mount Rushmore of old black men strength. (Jim Brown, Paul Silas, John Chaney and Bob Gibson)

I believe Patti LaBelle sold her soul to make them pies taste that good.

I believe Donald Trump is extremely entertaining.

I believe politics are a joke and if you can’t find the funny in it the joke is on you.

I believe the best place to write/meditate/think is on the toilet.

I believe in family.

I believe in The 285.

I believe I’m divided equally into 4 parts. Crazy, Cerebral, Humorous and Loving

I believe in manifestos.

I believe in me.


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