Dear Kevin and Russ 

Umm .. Boy this is Awkward

So here’s the thing, I know right now you two are pretty upset and you’re probably not watching ESPN or anything like that and I totally get it. Full disclosure, I write this letter to you not as a OKC fan but as a fan of the game who wanted y’all to win. I’m gonna give it to you straight dog, you should be in the finals but now they got crying Jordan faces on y’all all over the internet.

You’re better than this.

I like Golden State but this Thunder team had kind of a blue collar, underdog feel going and I kinda dig that. Kevin you are an assassin and Russ you put together your best season as a pro. However I knew that if y’all  attempted to trade jumpers and 3’s with Golden State it would be a wrap.

No disrespect but them light skinned dudes can shoot.

So I have to ask you this, in game 6 when all you had to do was stick to the game-plan for the last 5 minutes … What the hell happened?

Watching it from home it seemed like you two tried to out match each other in a who could f#*^ up the most contest. It was like they made a run and all of a sudden it was 2 on 5.

I’m sorry but Kev your shot selection sucked and Russ you became a turnover machine. Kevin here is the game log on your possessions in the last 4:30 in the game.

4:13 – Durant fadeaway missed – OKC 97-93

2:55 – Durant turnover (bad pass) – OKC 99-96 – (Curry hit a 3 to tie the game after this).

2:25 – Pull up jump shot missed – (tied 99-99)

1:23 – Durant 3pt shot missed – (GS 104-101). 

0:08 – Durant personal foul. 

That’s not championship basketball Kevin.

Russ, you are the point guard and y’all had a 7 point lead with 4:48 left in the game. In that time period you managed to miss one layup and rack up 4 turnovers.


You were 5 minutes from getting the Warriors outta here and you went back to that hero ball. I was pulling for y’all and like my parents used to say, “this hurts me more than it will hurt you.” I didn’t even watch 5 minutes of game seven because I knew how this story would go. I sent this out before the game even started.

You guys were up at halftime and then managed to score 12 points in the 3rd quarter. But you know that, you were there. This team doesn’t handle pressure well and as the leaders of this team that means you don’t handle pressure well.

Don’t get made me, get mad at the tape.

It seems when everything out there on the court is turning to crap one of you should be able to calm the other down and get everyone to relax and focus. Look I don’t know where we go from here. Kevin is a free agent now and he has a big decision to make.  I do know this, that if Kevin decides to stay here there needs to be a collective look into the mirror.

The wrap on you two is that you are undisciplined and fold under pressure. I’m not saying that is true or false but you need to look at the tape. You got out played by a champion and that should motivate you. In the words of Stephen A. Smith, “there were three superstars in the building in game 7 but only one showed up.”

I write this letter not to shame you but to motivate you. I wanted this piece to sound like I was talking to my older brothers.

You can be a champion man.

But champions don’t wet their pants with 5 minutes left in a closeout games.

Champions don’t put up 12 point quarters in game 7’s.

But most importantly ..Champions close!!

Enjoy your summer,



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